Thanks for stopping by Lilly and Cedar! I’m sure you are probably wondering what the name means? Lilly is the first dog my husband and I adopted. We got her when we started dating, she was my first “baby” and to me she signifies the beginning of our journey together. Cedar is part of our street name. For 6 years my husband was in the Marine Corps and during that time we moved house 6 times! It was crazy and I hated that I never had a home to call my own. I would paint and decorate and put my love into those homes only to have to pack it all up again. Now, after all those moves we finally found our forever home! Cedar signifies our future, and roots, and a house I can finally decorate and never have to leave. If nothing else, I think the name sounds great! This site is a place for me to chronicle this journey, and I invite you to follow along with me.

Our living room

My love for home decorating and painting furniture started as far back as I can remember. My older sister and I used to share a room growing up. We would move our furniture around into “cool” new layouts just to change things up a bit. I still move my furniture around regularly, despite my husbands eye rolls! I also painted my dresser in high school. I used ceiling paint that was so old it was like painting on glue. Needless to say it looked awful but I had fun doing it! Fast forward a few years and living at our first duty station, I met my soul sister! She taught me how to correctly paint furniture and I found I wasn’t the only crazy one who moved her decor around regularly. Furniture refinishing is so fun for me because I get to shop and make money doing it. I crank my bluegrass music or sometimes Van Morrison, hang out in my garage and get lost painting. I love it!

painted antique dresser w/ mirror

Most of my days are crazy busy chasing after my 3 boys! I do most of my projects when the babies are sleeping, in school, or when my husband is home to help. I am probably the messiest painter you will ever meet. Almost all of my pants have paint on them and the garage floor is a smorgasbord of colors. I will always find a way to spill at least a little bit of paint (or a lot) and get some in my hair. I can also be somewhat impulsive when working on projects and just use whatever I have on hand. Sometimes this works out awesome, sometimes it’s an epic fail. But it’s all part of my process and learning what products work best for me and my style.

I love to go into a space and imagine what I would do if I lived there. Maybe it’s from all the rentals we lived in and my desire to truly make it my own? Not sure, but I simply love decorating. My style is very farmhouse/country. I love mixing wood tones with soft colors. And I love white.  My husband told me, one day everything in our house will be white. Maybe? Maybe not. But I do know that every piece of furniture or home textile I create is something I would want in my own home. Selling pieces I love is so hard but also very gratifying! I believe your home should surround you with the things you love. Whatever makes you feel at home when you walk through the door, do that.

Farmhouse buffet

Thanks again for coming to check out Lilly and Cedar!