Red Check Chair

Friends, I just finished the most adorable red gingham check antique chair. My husband actually found this one and said it looked too pretty to not bring home. It needed a lot of love. As you can see the fabric was long past faded and grimy (ew). The bones of the chair were in great condition though so I knew it was a keeper.


My first step was cleaning the upholstery I scrubbed with soap and water and wiped down the wood as well. Next I lightly sanded the wood and decided to paint this one white with antique glaze on top. I did two and a half coats of paint and a very light glaze to highlight all the details on this pretty chair. It’s amazing what a coat of white paint can do to brighten a piece of furniture!


Once the paint was dry I reupholstered her in a classic and cheery red and white check fabric. Finished off with white trim, this chair now looks fresh and fun!  I could see this one next to a cozy fireplace or in a reading nook. I styled her simply with my $3 Amazon pillow (yes the cover was $3) and a basket with a soft blanket.


This is the perfect accent chair to go in any space would also work great as an office chair.


You can purchase this one over in the shop for $200.IMG_5040



Before and after…


Thanks for reading!


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