Dining Room Table Makeover

Happy Friday everyone! If you’re reading from New England/CT area you are probably enjoying this amazing unseasonably warm weather! 60 degrees in Feb? I’ll take it. I was starting to get some serious cabin fever there for a few weeks. We were getting snow storm on top of snow storm so my production kind of slowed during that time. This week though, I’ve been busy refinishing this awesome dining room table. This table was actually my parents. It’s kind of a funny story as to how I acquired this. My mom enjoys home decorating as well and she fell in love with a beautiful english pine farm table with big chunky turned legs #jealous. Since she is one of the most indecisive people my dad decided to surprise her with it for their anniversary. It was SO hard to keep it a secret from her especially since we hid the new table in my garage haha. Anyway, since I obviously refinish furniture I gladly offered to take it off their hands ;). Here is the before picture. You can see how orange the finish is, also after years of three kids it was in need of some love.


I first attempted to sand off the top finish but that top coat was tough so I ended up having to use a paint stripper. I used Strypeeze which worked great I did need two coats though to remove it all. Sometimes after using a paint stripper residue can be left behind so I used mineral spirits and a rag to clean up any remaining gunk. Once the top completely dried I started sanding. I used 80 grit first, then 120, then finally 220 to smooth it all out.


After sanding I cleaned the top with a rag and a vacuum to remove any sanding dust then stained using a custom color I mixed myself. Love how this color looks, so far from the orange it used to be. I’m pretty sure it’s a mix of dark walnut, early american, and weathered oak. Finally finished the top with multiple coats of finishing wax.


After all that hard work now the fun part, painting! I chose to use Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Typewriter. I had a vision for this piece that was rustic but classy at the same time. I wanted a little bit of chippiness on the legs and a rich color. Typewriter is really pretty, it’s not quite black but more of a really deep charcoal. To richen the final color and seal everything I used annie sloans dark wax.


This table would look stunning in almost any home decor. Black literally goes with anything. I staged her with two Ikea parsons chairs (not included) and a simple antique white pitcher.


I think it looks awesome with the farmhouse sign in the background. and just look at this top, love how rich and warm it is now!


The table comes with two leaves so could easily fit 10-12 people around it. Total length measures 108″. dsc_0560

A little close up of the chippy goodness.


You can purchase this one over in the shop for $400. Dimensions: 68″ l x 44″w. Each leaf measures 20″ for a total table length of 108″.


Thanks for reading!



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