Lane Cedar Chest

This vintage Lane cedar chest was in some serious need of attention. The top was really scratched, faded, and stained. The pulls, though pretty, were dated. My vision for this project was classic stained top with a painted white base.


My first step was removing the hardware and filling the holes with wood filler. I was unsure for a while whether or not to add new hardware. It’s the last thing to add anyway so I had time to think about it.  My husband helped me repair the underside with some wood glue and nails. Next I sanded down the top with my orbital sander. You can see how much better the wood looks.


After sanding I stained the top using a mix of dark walnut and early american. Once dried I sealed with minwax special dark finishing wax.


Next, I lightly sanded the base using 220 grit sandpaper. I applied a coat of primer, followed by two coats of white (no tint) interior latex in satin finish. I didn’t use chalk paint for this piece because I wanted to apply antiquing glaze. You can add antiquing glaze to chalk paint but I prefer the look of satin paint with the glaze vs matte chalk paint.  Once dried I lightly distressed and added the glaze. Below is a shot of the glaze applied to the left side.

IMG_4729 (1).JPG

After all was finished I decided she looked kind of plain without any hardware so decided to add classic black bin pulls. I’m happy I did because I think it completed the look!


Here it is!  I staged it with a couple of trendy pillows and some books.


This would look beautiful at the foot of a bed or under a window used as a reading nook. I love how classic this one turned out, it really would fit in any decor or color scheme.


This chest would be perfect for storing clothes, blankets, hats and mittens, or any other special items. I think it would even make a beautiful toy box. I added new hinges to prevent the top from slamming shut on little fingers.



Here are a few more pictures of the finished product! You can purchase this one over in the shop for $350.



And a quick before and after:



Thanks for reading!

~ Marissa



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