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Friends! It’s been a month since I last posted, and it has been a busy and exhausting month at that!! In short, Brayden started summer break, we traveled to NH, BJ traveled for business, boys got sick, I dog sat for 6 dogs in one weekend, organized all of our things to collect for the tag sale, and had 8 projects I wanted to finish in 4 weeks . I’m exhausted just writing all of that!  Here’s the long version…

A few months ago my neighbor mentioned that he was having a massive tag sale, I asked if I could set up a table and try to sell a few furniture pieces. He happily obliged and actually gave me a few projects to work on. He found a vintage craftsman tool chest/workbench. His vision was to flip it into a kitchen bar or island and sell it at the sale. This was way out of my comfort zone, the industrial/steam punk look is awesome but not my typical style. Still, I could see the potential so decided to give it a shot. He also asked if I could refinish a rocking chair and coffee table for family which I was happy to do! This is what the workbench looked like before.


I had those three projects pending, sitting in my garage but I also wanted to refinish a few pieces to sell as well. I had one month to refinish those three projects plus any others I wanted to do. Suddenly I realized how busy I was going to be. I know you are probably thinking, “it’s just a tag sale what’s the big deal?” But for me this would be the first time I could set up “shop” and have people browse my inventory in person. I was excited but knew it was going to be a busy month ahead.

BJ was gone for a week the end of June. For those of you who don’t know my sweet husband travels to Japan regularly for work. When he’s gone I find it hard to get any projects done, mostly because all my time is spent keeping the little one from jumping off the kitchen island, or driving his power wheels into the road. Once he returned I was able to finish the Craftsman Bar. I wasn’t sure I wanted to post this to my blog here but there has been so much interest in it, it’s given me the confidence to share. Plus, I think it looks pretty darn awesome! So here is project #1 the Vintage Craftsman Bar. Very industrial but still has some Lilly and Cedar spin to it.IMG_2563

I should note that this now has caster wheels for feet which raise it up a good 6-8 inches making it actual bar height. This is for sale for $400 over in the shop it includes the two stools pictured and a wire basket!


One project down, a million to go. That next week both boys came down with hand, foot, mouth disease. It’s such a lovely childhood illness (note sarcasm). It starts with a high fever for a few days followed by blisters all over their mouth, hands and feet. It apparently strikes in the summer months. Brayden’s was luckily very mild but my little, Nathan, was miserable! He got it SO bad. Thankfully he’s all better now but his poor feet are still peeling from all the blisters. Anyway, during that time I obviously got nothing done. When they were both feeling better I managed to finish the coffee table for my neighbor. Here’s project #2 round farmhouse coffee table. I love how this one turned out, very classic with a stained top.


Now that the boys were feeling better and BJ was home I was on a roll and determined to meet my goal. I wanted to finish the rocking chair for my neighbors mom. It had been his great grandmothers so I was a little anxious about this one. I didn’t want to mess it up. I chose to go with white because it’s classic and never goes out of style. He requested something rustic/beachy so I did a light distressing. Here is project #3 antique rocker. Sorry the picture isn’t so great I used my iphone for this one and there are a few train tracks on the floor (I wonder who put those there).

IMG_2822 (1)

Ok, so I had these three done and I felt relieved I finally had them finished. But now I only had one week left to refinish any items I wanted to sell as Lilly and cedar pieces at the tag sale. This past week has been one of the busiest, craziest, and sleepless weeks ever! My garage has been overflowing with my most recent furniture haul and I seriously needed to start working it down. I hardly had any room to paint! I decided to do the bulkiest set first which was an old 1990s dresser and night stand. I will go in more detail in another post about how I refinished these. But I really like the way they turned out. I used Paloma chalk paint by Annie Sloan which is a very light taupe with lavender undertones. I think this set would look great in a girls room or a guest room. It’s classy enough to be used in an adult space but also fun enough for a young girl’s room. Here’s project # 4, the girls dresser and nightstand set. This one is for sale over in the shop for $275! An amazing steal.


Once I finished that set I needed a little break from painting and decided to change gears and do a few upholstery projects. It was now Monday and I only had 4 days to finish a few more pieces before the tag sale. I found an adorable little accent chair that just needed a little TLC. I cleaned up the wood and waxed it, added new batting and upholstered it with ticking stripe fabric and added a throw pillow. Here is project #5 that was complete in just a few hours! This one is available for sale in the shop with Pottery Barn down pillow for $60.


After this little chair I decided to tackle a bigger project. A rocking chair I snagged that has amazing detail! The fabric was dated and gross but it had so much potential. I decided to use some blue stripe french farmhouse fabric. I actually bought two yards to use for new pillows in the living room but decided it would look gorgeous on the rocker. I plan on writing about my upholstery process for this one so stay tuned for that soon. This one sold first day of my sale! Here is project #6 that I managed to finish in two days, swoon.


This brought me to Wednesday and back to painting. I had two days to finish a few more pieces and I was on autopilot at this point. I found this awesome primitive pine hutch and fell in love. I thought it would be the perfect piece to try my hand at Milk paint. I had never used Milk Paint before but let me tell you this stuff is AMAZING. Seriously, it’s my new obsession. I could go on and on but I will save that for another post, I plan on giving you the nitty gritty soon. I forgot to mention Brayden was in Camp this past week which enabled me to get a little bit more done than usual. I still had Nathan so I’d power paint/upholster during nap time and down times. Here is project #7, my favorite and still for sale over in the shop for $350, the milk painted chippy hutch.


Are you still with me? If so, thanks for making it this far down the page! I finished the hutch in one day. It was manic, and totally crazy I was pooped but I was glad it was finished in time. It was the perfect spot to display homegoods for the sale. I had one more small project up my sleeve and I was determined to get it done. I had an old coffee table that was just too big for our living room layout so I used the extra milk paint I had mixed up and gave it two coats. I actually painted that one inside because it was SO humid out on Thursday. Here is the final project I finished for the tag sale #8 chippy coffee table. For sale in the shop for $100, a great deal!


I finished that one somehow before the end of the day Thursday and I was done. I mean  D-O-N-E, done. Partly because I didn’t have any more time to finish another piece but also because I was EXHAUSTED. I also felt like the worst mom ever. I had planned on taking Nathan out for just one on one time with Mommy since it’s so rare but that didn’t happen. Sorry little bug, I promise I’ll make it up to you. My only consolation is that I’m doing all of this for those sweet boys of mine! All the money I make goes to their preschool fund/extra activities for them.

You’re probably wondering how the sale went. As you can tell considering the number of pieces still for sale I did not sell as many projects as planned. I did sell a lot of home decor items and that gorgeous blue stripe farmhouse rocker. I really did make a decent amount for a tag sale, but I will consider this a learning opportunity for me. Although selling my pieces wasn’t as successful as I hoped, I met so many amazing women! For those of you who came out to meet me and support me or asked me decorating/painting tips, thank you so much! That was way more valuable to me than selling any piece. You gave me confidence that I’m following the right path in this crazy life.

I sincerely hope everyone is enjoying their summer, ours has obviously been busy and now that the tag sale is over and the kids are healthy I’m hoping life slows down a bit. I’m longing for easy days at the beach with the boys and casually finishing new projects. I hope to catch up and blog a few more posts soon. We leave for a week vacation to Maine in a few days and I cannot wait to relax and just love on my babies and spend some quality time as a family.

Thanks for reading everyone!









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    1. Hi! Thank you and so sorry for the delayed response. The round table coffee table is actually up for sale again! I made it for our friend’s sister but she just moved and now has so space for it. Send me an email if you’re still interested!


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