Dresser Armoire

I hope everyone is having a great week! Here in New England the weather has been so beautiful! I’ve spent my days at the beach with the boys and working hard on this adorable antique dresser/armoire. I think this might be one of my favorite pieces and I’m still trying to decide if I want to sell it. This piece is sooo versatile. I have it staged in my dinning room right now and it would be perfect to hold linens and diningware. It would also be great for a bathroom to hold towels and toilet paper, or a bedroom, or a nursery, or an entryway…or really wherever you want organize a space. My husband said it would be great wine storage (he gets me, seriously). Anyway, my point is this is literally the greatest little piece of furniture I’ve refinished and I’m SO jealous of whoever gets to take her home forever!

Here is how she looked before; dark, dingy, chippy and wreaked of cigarette smoke, like so bad it stunk up my entire garage. The drawers were very sticky too. I couldn’t wait to get to work on her but she had to sit for about a month stinking up the place until I finally had time to fix her up.

My first priority was getting that stink out! I sprayed her top to bottom, inside and out with vinegar and water. The first application did wonders but I did a second just in case. I was amazed at how fast and well the vinegar worked. At first it smelled like pickles which I love but some others might not haha. However, after a day or so it dissipated completely and now my husband says it has a nice woody smell. Success.

I started with wood filler on all that chipping veneer, you can see some of  it on the drawer front there. One of the front legs was broken so I wood glued that. Then I lightly sanded all over. In order to make the drawers run smoothly again I sanded them down like crazy and waxed them up and did a light coat of WD40. Once I got the drawers running again it was time to paint! I liked the idea of having the black show through at the end so I tried not to sand down the black paint too much. I started with a coat of primer then two coats of Sherwin Williams Zurich White. I have this color in my hallway upstairs and it’s the best creamy warm white. Before the paint was fully cured, maybe about an hour after painting the second coat, I distressed with sandpaper. I’ve found you get a little bit of a chippier look when you distress before it’s completely cured. Some spots that haven’t fully dried yet will chip/peel and give it a more authentic look. I finished with a finishing wax and buffed to a light shine. I spray painted some extra pulls I had from a previous project for the drawer fronts and added two floral knobs from Hobby lobby on the doors. I added a tan damask contact paper to the drawers to add some character and clean them up. Here she is. So much better, and bright, and cheery, and she definitely doesn’t stink anymore!


Close up of the contact paper drawer fronts:


Close up of the hardware, love those little knobs!

A little before and after:

Ah, So lovely and bright. You can get this piece over in the Shop for $300.


Thanks for reading!


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